Tips when taking your dog to the vet

It's Friday afternoon in the Vet's waiting room. A little old lady clutches a small crate on her lap with her cat "Fluffy" inside. Fluffy has her ears laid back and hisses defensively at 'Spot", the puppy that just left his owner's side and wants to 'play with her'. Spot's owner, a Mom with a toddler and a baby in a cradle, unsuccessfully calls to Spot to 'come here'. Meanwhile, the toddler pulls samples off the shelf, intrigued by all the neat, small packages. The baby, startled by all the noise and commotion, begins to wail in his cradle. This sets off "King", a venerable Great Dane who is here for his annual shots. King adds a crescendo bark to the concert. In walks a teenage girl wearing shorts and a T-shirt with another cat in her arms, wanting to know how much it is for shots. Spot leaves Fluffy to her hissing and jumps up on the girl, trying to make friends with the new, un-caged cat. Spot's claws rake a couple of angry welts down the girl's bare legs, and the cat seeks escape by digging her claws deeply into the girl's arms. Reflex action releases the prison and the cat sprints across the room, tail rudder sticking straight out, and jumps upon the display, dumping over the cookie jar with the sample dog treats in it. The heavy cookie jar lands on grannies' head, and she drops the cage which opens on impact. Fluffy immediately seeks safety by jumping on the coat rack, pulling down hats and coats. Dog biscuits are strewn across the floor. "CONTROL YOUR ANIMALS!" comes the equally loud and helpless cry from across the counter. The dog biscuits prove too great a temptation to "Bowser", the hound that was, until now, well-behaved and dozing at his owner's feet. King, Bowser and Spot make a mad dash for the dog treats and get in each other's way. King easily breaks his owner's grip on the leash, and Bowser wasn't leashed in the first place, since he is 'such a laid back dog'. In trying to break up the ensuing fight, Bowser's owner sticks an ignorant hand into the melee and receives a bite from one of three suspects. The culprit is never truly identified. The Vet Tech hurries around the counter and tries to help. Spot uses the opportunity to lift his leg and run a marker down the wall. "That'll show those bullies!" The loose cat escapes through the door when another client walks in, but first uses the baby as a launching pad, inflicting a couple of deep scratches. The toddler trips over a dog biscuit on his way to Mom's rescue and gets a nasty bruise when her face hits the floor. - CUT. End of this humorous but not all too impossible scene. Whereas this can be a lesson for other dog or cat owners, let us extract some Dos and Don'ts for the husky owner when visiting the Vet:


  • Allow your dog a pee and poop break before entering the Vet's office.
  • Do not feed the dog within two hours of visiting the Vet.
  • Securely leash (preferably harness) the husky
  • Be attentive. Watch for developing signs around you and leave the room before it escalates into a full-fledged chaos.
  • Keep your dog close to you at all times
  • Try to keep a distance from other pet owners if space allows
  • Discourage your dog from yipping at other dogs or cats.